Parasol Finance is adopting a unique and never before seen mechanism for our upcoming IDO launchpad. One of the first use cases we are currently planning with Parasol NFTs is that they will act as keys that unlock access to exclusive communities, events, and most importantly, IDO allocations. These NFTs will represent a user’s share of upcoming IDO sales and will be directly used to purchase IDO tokens based on the user’s NFT.

This distinctive feature will set Parasol Finance apart from the crowd by providing the Parasol community with unparalleled utility for NFTs. Here, we are providing some more details on the launchpad NFTs and the tiers (Grade) that will be available for our community. These NFTs will be used to multiply user allocation for IDOs, allowing holders to participate in new token sales to whatever extent their investing appetite desires.

For those already owning a Parasol IDO NFT, they will be able to sell it on the NFT marketplace as they wish.

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