Token information

Type: SPL Token on Solana Ticker: PSOL Total supply: 21,000,000 PSOL(fixed) Token contract: Hmatmu1ktLbobSvim94mfpZmjL5iiyoM1zidtXJRAdLZ

Initial circulating supply: 21,000,000 PSOL Initial market cap: $550,000 USD

Token distribution breakdown

We distributed our public and private sale stages to different participants. By distributing sales, we generated the fairest token distribution on launch possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply.

Initial Circulating Supply

The Parasol Finance ($PSOL) governance token has an initial circulating supply of 21,000,000 million.

  • 3,045,000 $PSOL (14.50%) to Liquidity Providers: Distributed retroactively to existing liquidity providers

  • 3,150,000 $PSOL (15%) to Ecosystem Development

  • 105,000 $PSOL (0.50%) to Launch Rewards

Team and Marketing

  • 1,470,000 $PSOL (7%) to the Team

  • 4,410,000 $PSOL (21%) to the Marketing and Rewards

Token for Sale

  • 4,410,000 $PSOL (21%) to the Private Sale

  • 4,410,000 $PSOL (21%) to the Public Sale

Token utility

  • Governance - Voting with the token rights to govern the protocol:

    By using the DAO structure, $PSOL holders can use the Parasol Finance application to take part in any governance decisions made on the platform, such as deciding pool ratios on upcoming IDOs or voting on upcoming Parasol IDOs. Creating a decentralized ecosystem in Parasol will give certain control to every user and the chance to be a decision-maker. Also, voting privileges will be granted depending on the number of $PSOL possessed by the user.

  • Staking and farming:

    Holders can stake and farm $PSOL to receive rewards in $PSOL. Staking on Parasol will allow investors and other users to directly get their rewards on the platform and also add new layers of interaction. This enables the users’ money to work for them. This feature also allows locking of cryptocurrency assets on the platform for a reward, annualized financial returns, which are paid out regularly. Our farming feature will give projects with $PSOL a platform to get users to stake their tokens and ensure better liquidity and price stability.

Ecosystem utilities

  • Staking to participate in Parasol IDO Liquidity incentives will be given to those who provide liquidity to our farming platform.

  • Airdrop to PSOL holder users

    $PSOL holder users are eligible to receive airdrop from new crypto projects based on the amount staked by the users.

  • Minting

    Our minting feature at Parasol will allow token holders to mint for a specific time, with a certain percentage of the total token supply rewarded to the liquidity providers (LPs). Once the minting process is complete, tokens will be in circulation and it will generate revenue.

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