• Unequal investment Opportunity - In most DeFi projects, large venture funds still dominate the equity share of a company. Most times, they suck up a large portion of the initial supply even before the public even knows about it.

  • Speed – Decentralized platforms that are not built on the Solana blockchain are slow and expensive for smaller users. These sluggish applications need improvements.

  • High IDO Listing Fees to launch IDO on Launchpad.

  • Centralized parties managing and controlling financial transactions.

  • Game of Luck - Projects for investors that are on whitelist-based allocations are mostly a game of luck. These offers are frequently given out to people who are only available when the whitelist form is out and those with the fastest internet connection. Even then, many platforms give out tickets that only give a chance to participate in the token sale. This doesn’t give equal opportunities for investment.

Taking on Challenges

Parasol Finance will address challenges in DeFi and provide a leading solution in the following ways;

1. i) Informative Governed Launchpad: IDO application form will contain everything scheduled on it - application timeline, competitive price, documentation and defined timescales. Our Launchpad will be fair and rewarding for every of our token ($PSOL) holders.

ii) Equal IDO Investment opening. - We will distribute parasol Finance fundraising and fund allocation to the participants based on the quantity of tokens owned.

2. We will offer healthy opportunities for both private and public investors by limiting the investment sizes, giving a simple and fair process and allocating fairly. It's undertaken in a fair approach to purchasing IDO tokens.

3. Built on the Solana blockchain, the Parasol ecosystem will function as the powerhouse of Solana DeFi and also make decentralized finances fast-paced, fair, and accessible for everyone.

4. Financial Reporting - At Parasol, we will treat every token-holder in a similar way that we would our shareholders. This entails issuing regular reports to token-holders regarding investment, project operations, and strategy.

5. Liquidity pools - In DeFi, liquidity pools are the invention that promotes trading as well as offers liquidity via a collection of funds locked in a smart contract.

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