Parasol farms allow liquidity providers to earn tokens as reward incentives for providing liquidity, in addition to trading fees. Stakers in Parasol farms earn PSOL while stakers in pools can earn project tokens.

Staking PSOL

You can stake your PSOL tokens inside a smart contract and receive PSOL rewards.

Parasol Staking Pools

In decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, staking pools are project-specific and use native tokens for their protocols.

The purpose of these staking pools is to lock liquidity into the protocols, ensuring that there are enough resources in terms of assets to meet DeFi needs.

Add PSOL liquidity to DeFi pools to recieve a share of revenue generated from the different protocols (like fees and commissions). This is part of the reason why APY percentages in Parasol Finance pools can be much higher than regular staking pools.

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